Caragol Point Boutique Homes


Caragol Point lies on the mountainside just above Kouloura peninsula, in a tranquil setting of evergreen trees with a breathtaking view over Corfu channel. It’s a beautiful all-season vacation retreat with three detached luxury homes offered for rental, individually or together, for a short or extended stay.

Situated in idyllic northeastern Corfu, just 29 km from the island airport, each Caragol Point home features indoor and outdoor living and dining areas, a fire place, its own heated swimming pool and a large private garden, and offers the comfort and services of a luxury hotel with maximum privacy.

Caragol was the old name of the horseshoe bay, now called Kouloura, above which Caragol Point Boutique Homes are nestled. The owners, who have a long experience in the tourist industry, wanted to reveal the full potential of the old building and of the marvelous location, while preserving the rural character of the area. The restoration of the olive press, along with the construction of the other two homes with their gardens, succeeded in creating a harmonious combination of the atmosphere of a rural house and the luxury and comforts of a city villa.

Caragol Point warmly welcomes travelers seeking a quality vacation. The beauty of the location, the ambiance of the estate, with its luxurious facilities and discreet service, create a home-away-from-home feeling that make for a memorable vacation.